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I Paid 1,995.00 For A R.O. I did some research and found same one online thru sams club for 168.00 Paid a Plumber 195.00 To Install It So Under 500.00 I have 5 Stage reverse osmosis now I am sure glad I canceled it!

PUBLIC AWARENESS BEWARE! Do Your Research Huge Markup On These Kinds Of Products! Contact States Attorney About Free Water Test Scam! They Used Scare Tactics On Me To Make Me Think My Water Was Totally Unsafe!

Told Me My Pipes Would Blow! If I Did Not Buy There System BEWARE BEWARE

Monetary Loss: $1995.

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Tampa, Florida, United States #1216874

I don't know who I am responding to, but I am interested in finding out what kind of warranty and service agreement you received from Sams and from your Plumber. Did he connect it to your ice maker for you, and give you a free inspection for life on an annual basis?

How much was the fuel for your car to drive to the store to pick it up, and how much was your time worth in doing so? Did you maybe have some wear and tear on your vehicle? What if you were to get into an accident on the way to or from the store? Did you purchase insurance for this vehicle?

Do you have insurance for your house (and what is your deductible) in case the system you have leaks?

Full, protected service costs more.

the Sam's Club system isn't the same as ours. We use higher quality filters and john guest fittings on the systems.

The lower grade system you purchased uses cheaper parts. It is just like walmart and tires. Sure they are cheaper. But the tires are thinner.

They don't last as long as if you bought them at firestone. You wait longer there as well. There are always trade offs. We are not the cheapest.

But we offer a Lifetime warranty, Insurance in case there is an oops, service annually forever, and experience.

There are pros and cons for doing things yourself or having a plumber put in a water system. If you need him again, you will pay him again, and again, and again.

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